The light turns on.
“hi marco!”
“who are you?”
“It’s me, don’t you recognize me any more?”
“Oh, that’s you… Hello.”
“Listen, why don’t you devote a moment to me?”
“Not today, maybe next time.. I have to training, rovaniemi bike race is closer and closer.”
“Well, you’re being very unfair to me! Since july you don’t think about me any more, you only watch over her!”
“I’m sorry but you made me suffer, I can’t forget the pain you made me feel..”
“You know, it’s not my fault, but..nevermind. I want to ask you to stay with me just a little time, as once, when you filled me with presents and kindness.”
“Uhm, ok, let’s go. But if the spark doesn’t get back, we come home and stop talking about that!”

6 hours and a half later..
Click .
The light turns off
“thank you, Marco. I had a good time today. Promise me you won’t let me alone again for such a long time?”
“I had a good time too, we had so much fun! Ok, we will spend again many whole days together, I promise!”
“Thank you, Marco.”
“Thank you, FARGO!”

Un pensiero riguardo “WELCOME BACK

  1. ammazza che ficata, la tua parla inglese, la mia … umbro stretto!
    e non sai le bestemmie che mi tira in questi giorni di fango interminabile


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